If you have never tried laser hair removal before, you may be unaware of the benefits. We have put together a few reasons why we think it would be great for you!

7 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1. No ingrown hairs

Unlike other hair removal techniques such as waxing, plucking and using electrolysis devices laser hair removal doesn’t cause ingrown hairs or scarring due to the nature of hair removal. Instead of pulling the hair follicle from its root, we heat it up! This then causes it to detach from the dermal level rooting and fall out.

2. No unsightly hair growth required

You don’t need to wait for hair to grow to a certain length before coming in for your laser treatment. Which means you don’t have unsightly long hair in between treatments. In fact, we encourage all existing clients to shave prior to the treatment! Many clients have reported skin to feel “baby bum smooth” in between treatments.

3. Low Maintenance and Cost Effective

Typically, only 6-10 treatments are required to remove all hair, followed by 1-3 yearly touch-ups.  Not only do you remove hair for a longer period of time, but over time you will only need maintenance treatments every few months to stay silky smooth all year round!

4. Precise

Due to the precise target of our lasers, we can be very specific to the areas requiring treatment. This ensures the hairs being targeted will absorb the entire light pulse to the end of the follicle which will deliver a more consistent hair removal treatment course.

5. Any part of the body

Unlike other hair removal treatments, laser hair removal can treat any part of the body.  For example, the face, neck, ears and even nostrils can be treated with lasers.

6. Minimal Pain

Unlike waxing, plucking and using electrolysis devices, laser hair removal pain is greatly minimised as it is a section based treatment. Pain can be similar to an elastic band snap on the skin. Clients have reported feeling a pain sensation of 1-2 out of 10 by the end of their treatment course. At TROPIKA Laser + Skin clinics, our state of the art lasers provide advanced ice cooling technology for clients during treatment. This allows for a much more comfortable treatment experience.

7. No Skin Damage

Diode lasers target the hair follicle, not the skin.  Therefore, skin issues such as itching, rashing, ingrown hairs and skin irritation resulting from shaving and waxing do not occur.

These are just a few of the benefits of laser hair removal. TROPIKA Laser + Skin utilise the latest technology and ensure you are always under the hands of experienced and trained staff whilst receiving the maximum benefits from laser hair removal.  Click here to book an appointment

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