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At Tropika Laser + Skin, we’re passionate about skin and laser beauty tips and we want to make sure you’re as informed as possible.  Our therapists take the time to discuss your skin, what you are trying to achieve as well as your current situation so they develop a personalised approach to each treatment.  Our blog is designed to give you basic information. However, you will receive maximum benefit by coming in to discuss your personal circumstances with our therapists.  So go ahead, give us a call on (03) 9429 8081 to arrange a personalised consultation.


Hello Dukes!

Younger looking skin and feeling good within.....    Whether you’re a workaholic or a couch potato, we all need a healthy routine to keep our skin fresh, healthy and younger for longer, which means taking care of our body from the inside out. ...that’s why we’ve...

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Benefits of MicroDermabrasion

If you've never tried it, you might not be aware of the many benefits of microdermabrasion. We have put together the five top benefits of microdermabrasion, however, our clients are constantly letting us know of more.  The best way to know if you can maximise...

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LASER HAIR REMOVAL? If you have never tried laser hair removal before, you may be unaware of the benefits. We have put together a few reasons why we think it would be great for you! 7 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal 1. No ingrown hairs Unlike...

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