Skin Needling / Dermal Rolling

Dermal Rolling also called Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy,  is a moderately invasive treatment which is used to treat moderate to severe skin conditions such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and dynamic wrinkles. It is a manual, non-chemical treatment that is recommended for people of all ages. At TROPIKA, we assign specific staff roles to ensure our clients receive treatments from a trained and experienced therapist. If you have any questions about your treatment do not hesitate to ask your therapist. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

The Benefits

Dermal Rolling stimulates the production of collagen which promotes skin cell growth. The treatment works to create smoother, clearer skin by decreasing acne scarring, fine lines, pigmentation and scars as well as tightening large pores and aiding in blackhead reduction. Results are seen as early as 14 days post-treatment.

skin needling
dermal rolling

How Does it Work?

A hand-held dermal rolling device, consisting of dozens of microneedles, is rolled over the skin surface, puncturing the skin and creating a controlled skin injury which triggers the skins healing mechanism. This then enforces the production of collagen and regrowth of new, smooth skin.

How Long in Between Treatments?

2-4 weeks between MILD – intensity treatments
4-6 weeks between DEEP – intensity treatments

We expect long term results to be achieved after 4-8 treatments. However, more treatments may be needed for more severe skin conditions.

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