I’ve had 8 years experience with laser hair removal clinics in Melbourne. And all I can say is that cheap laser hair removal is certainly not something I’ll be doing again!





In my experience, the term “laser hair removal Melbourne” is something i hear all too often. It seems like every second salon has some form of laser machine or device claiming to give you “permanent hair removal” results for the “cheapest price”. But theres something that many of us forget when going for our thrifty Thursday purchases… and that’s the quality of the service we are purchasing as oppose to the price of it.

There are hundreds of chain laser salons and clinics circulating around Melbourne and a large amount of these can be found in our larger shopping centres like Westfield, Chadstone and Melbourne CBD. Just to name a few! The problem with these places is that they have a very low retention rate of loyal clients. Why? You might ask. Here is my story…


I began laser hair removal 8 years ago due to excessive body hair that I just NEEDED gone! It was a fresh experience for me and i had absolutely no idea what to expect. I decided to jump on board with a laser clinic in Melbourne CBD that had a reputable name and offered many clinical services, so they must have been good right? Yes, they were good, I was getting the results I wanted and it was smooth sailing for the first few treatments but there was something that kept bothering me . It was the $80 for a 5 minute upper lip treatment that didn’t cut it for me, especially when there were clinics charging $20 for the exact same thing.


Naturally, I decided i’d leave and try one of the clinics offering a $20 upper lip. From the get go I had a feeling that my therapist was a little inexperienced and fresh to the scene. However I didn’t let that deter me. The treatment went fairly well. There was not much difference in the treatment process, compared to the previous clinic, except for the machines they used. Like I had been told, the hair fell out two weeks later and I was on my permanently hair free journey…or so I thought.

I have had in excess of 200 laser treatments on both face and my body over 8 years and have noticed the hair on my face has only slightly decreased but is still totally visible. All of my facial treatments have been at the cheaper skin clinic that I moved to because of their $20 deal and that’s how I have been rolling since then. CHEAPLY.


Last year I decided to go back to the very first clinic I started my hair removal journey with in the hope of tidying up my snail trail (yes we all have one). The price was 3 times what I would pay at the cheaper clinic I had been loyal to, but not received results from. I was a bit hesitant to hand over my hard earned money, but I took the plunge. I am so glad I did!

It took not even 3 treatments at this clinic and I literally had no hair grow back for 3 months before my next treatment. And even that hair was just fine and non visible unless you were really looking for it. This was incredible! It really made me think about my decision to go cheaper as oppose to professional. Because although those cheaper laser hair removal clinics say they are professional, I have never seen a staff turnover like theirs. I would be lucky if I saw the same therapist more than 3 times ever.



I feel like my journey has been a massive learning curve for me and I have come to the realisation that choosing cheaper is never better. You will end up spending 10 fold of what it would cost at a more experienced, professional clinic and not actually get the results that are promised. Take it from me ladies and gentlemen, choose wisely when it comes to your skin. Reliability, cost and staffing are huge factors to take into account when figuring out if the clinic you’re at is as “professional” as they say they are.

For now I am going to continue my skin journey at Tropika Skin Australia (Tropika Laser + Skin). The staff are helpful, professional and most importantly don’t just see me like another number. And although their prices are not bottom grade cheap, I am getting results and a great experience.


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