Younger looking skin and feeling good within….. 


Whether you’re a workaholic or a couch potato, we all need a healthy routine to keep our skin fresh, healthy and younger for longer, which means taking care of our body from the inside out. …that’s why we’ve partnered up with Dukes Gym in Richmond to give our customers the opportunity to be the best version they can be.  

What are we doing about it?

Over the next 3 months Tropika Laser & Skin and Dukes Gym will be working together to give our customers the opportunity to be the “best version they can be” by offering exclusive packs and discounts to our customers. This includes free workout classes, memberships, discounts on skin treatments, one on one personal training and discounted products, to name a few.  

Why we’ve partnered with Dukes Gym?

We believe being healthy from the inside is just as important as the outside, so keep your eyes tuned on this one of a kind strength focused gym that caters to anyone looking to transform their body, get lean or build muscle. They also offer a ‘Womens Only’ section for more privacy and personal touch….which we ABSOLUTLEY LOVE! And for all the blokes out there, the underground grunge atmosphere when entering Dukes, will take you to your instant work out paradise. With plenty of room, air-conditioning and an abundance of brand-new work out equipment, you’ll be jumping to next the work-out station quicker than Usain Bolt 

How do I participate?

Easily! Just ask one of the friendly staff at either Tropika Laser & Skin or Dukes Gym for our exclusive, member-only offers and they will be happy to fill you in on all of the latest and greatest beauty, skin and gym bonuses free to you just for being an existing client or member!


Stay tuned, the best version of you is coming! 


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